Key Stage 3 Awards 2016

Pastoral Certificates Based on the ‘7Cs’, Habits for Learning in our New School. Nominated by Tutors

Creativity: Gives insightful ideas; Is thoughtful and imaginative; Has a unique and creative approach to tasks

Confidence: Able to make good decisions; Is independent and determined; Promotes a good image of the school

Commitment: Uses time effectively; Strives to do their best, going beyond expectations; Courageous in the face of challenge

Collaboration: Leads and supports others; Makes positive and valuable contributions when working with others

Care: Shows consideration, care and respect towards others; Treats all people fairly and equally


Creativity: Shazmin Rafiq

Confidence: Muhammed Shaikh

Commitment: Amaan Nassir

Collaboration: Amina-Bibi Ali

Care: Aisha Labiqa Mahomed


Creativity: Breeyana Waldron

Confidence: Mohammed Fiaz Essa

Commitment: Karan Tarachande

Collaboration: Vinit Mandekar

Care: Hasan Shaikh

Communication: Krishna Patel


Creativity: Shifa Debar

Confidence: Hannah Vadi

Commitment: Duaa Ashfak

Collaboration: Faizaan Nan

Care: Farhaan Malik


Creativity: Asifa Siraj-Mohmed

Confidence: Uways Sidat

Commitment: Sabiha Haque

Collaboration: Aaminah Natha

Care: Madeeha Khalifa


Creativity: Adeola Ogundoyin

Confidence: Remmee Pettitt

Commitment: Nazmine Vasanwala

Collaboration: Aishah Shaikh

Care: Anju Godhania


Creativity: Aadil Makkan

Confidence: Sumaya Samatar

Commitment: Ana Catarina Almeida

Collaboration: Riaynk Faquir

Care: Muhammad Patel


Creativity: Vartik Quessou

Confidence: Abas Muuse

Commitment: Zarin Mohi

Collaboration: Mazin Kanmi

Care: Subhkiran Hundal


Creativity: Mohammed Ahmed

Confidence: Ammaarah Patel

Commitment: Fahima Varu

Collaboration: Kashish Paresh

Care: Itisha Vinod


Creativity: Nailah Sheikh

Confidence: Ahmad Patel

Commitment: Rukhsar Kasmani

Collaboration: Hasan Girach

Care: Sanjana Prema

Homework Awards

Science: Subhkiran Hundal 9I

Performing Arts: Aisha Girach 9S

History: Ismail Valli Patel 9C

Life Skills: Krisha Patel 9R

Religious Studies: Aisha Labiqa Mohamed 9C

  House Certificates

Awards nominated by House Leaders for students

who have made an excellent contribution to their House

Malala House: Shifa Debar 9O

Mandela House: Fahima Varu 9L

MLK House: Sumeya Samatar 9H

Faculty Awards


Most Talented: Asma Godal 9N

Hardest Working: Aisha Mahomed 9C

Most Improved: Huzaifa Dabhelia 9C


Most Talented: Shruti Sureshkumar 9L

Hardest Working: Ana Almeida 9H

Most Improved: Neha Makh 9W


Most Talented: Breeyanna Waldron 9R

Hardest Working: Unaisah Degia 9C

Most Improved: Bilal Mahomed 9R


Most Talented: lyas Majid 9O

Hardest Working: Riaynk Faquir 9H

Most Improved: Khushi Manojkumar 9C


Most Talented: Ana Catarina Almeida 9H

Hardest Working: Itisha Vinod 9L

Most Improved: Arsalan Syed 9I


Most Talented: Bilal Ali 9L

Adeola Ogundoyin 9N

Hardest Working: Awais Muhammad 9C

Asifa Siraj-Mohmed 9W

Most Improved: Priya Hashmukhlal 9H

Filip Bzdyk 9L


Most Talented: Abdi Muta’Al Mohamoud 9O

Hardest Working: Maajid Patel 9I

Most Improved: Asifa Siraj-Mohmed 9W


Most Talented: Krishna Patel 9R

Hardest Working: Fahima Varu 9L

Most Improved: Nadeem Laturiya 9C


Most Talented: Adeola Ogundoyin 9N

Hardest Working: Fahima Varu 9L

Most Improved: Abhay Chauhan 9I


Most Talented: Breeyanna Waldron 9R

Hardest Working: Fathima Hameed 9S

Most Improved: Khadija Patel 9R


Most Talented: Shifa Debar 9O

Hardest Working: Aisha Labiqa Mahomed 9C

Most Improved: Khadidja Sidibe 9O

MFL- French:

Most Talented: Juwayriyyah Salim 9R

Hardest Working: Uways Sidat 9W

Most Improved: Duaa Ashfak 9O


Most Talented: Jinal Bhandari 9C

Hardest Working: Yusra Haidar 9L

Most Improved: Muhammad Shaikh 9C


Most Talented: Sanjana Pema 9S

Hardest Working: Aatif Mangera 9H

Most Improved: Vinit Mandekar 9R


Hardest Working: Sujal Vasant 9H

Most Improved: Shruti Sureshkumar 9L


Hardest Working: Maha Khan 9W

Most Improved: Sufiyan Shaikh 9O


Hardest Working: Yash Nilesh Bari 9S

Most Improved: Ameera Eliyas 9L


Hardest Working: Taha Butt 9S

Most Improved: Sahil Shaikh 9W

Resistant Materials:

Hardest Working: Rayan Faquir 9H,

Chelsea Farr 9N

Most Improved: Sumayah Ahmed 9O,

Muhammad Shaikh 9C


Highest Achieving: Abdi Muta’Al Mohamoud 9O

Most Improved: Nawal Omar 9R

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