Improvement Plan 2014-17
Obj Area Target Action Timescale and Milestones Resp. Persons Cost staff time (salaried) Cost of res (add'n to salary) Methods for monitoring progress Success Criteria to confirm completion Status
                    May 14 Oct 14 May 15 Oct 15 May 16 Oct 16 May 17
L&M SMSC Increase in numbers of outside visitors Audit current position/explore sources of visitors/consult staff Feb Half Term KEA Ap x 3 hours   Analysis of SMSC data Increase in outside speakers R R G        
L&M SMSC Develop and embed the cycle of surveys Parent view - raise staff awareness. Raise Parent awareness Jul 14 TAR     Regular check of the Parent View site Number of parents completing Parent View increases A A G        
L&M SMSC Embed work on student voice Strenghten links between all councils/SLT meetings resurrected/create links with Houses FEB 14 KEA TOP WSC 12 x 1 hour/KSL x3 x 30 hours   Council minutes and actions Active/relevant and vibrant body A A G        
L&M SMSC Equality Objective: Boys' attitudes towards girls and women to be addressed Women as Role models - (power-point for plasma screens - to be displayed in tandem with work done/presented in literacy time/Assemblies) Year 10/11 Girls as Role Models in Assemblies Liaise withKEA/TOP and School Council to discuss input Seating Plans/Apporopriate films/Questionning strategies/famous role-models/ex-student role models Jul 16 TAR/HIL/ KEA/TOP /MEL/GRE 20+ hours N/A Information displayed Student's work from Literacy time. Minutes from school Council Evidence of visits Boys showing more respect for women and girls R A A A A A A
L&M SMSC To achieve Outstanding Ofsted grade (2015) Consult with all all staff regarding suggested steps the college should take to achieve Outstanding via online survey.Compile bank of questions May 14 TAR/KEA 3 hours Survey monkey subscription Evaluate survey Action plan helps inform planning.Achieve Oustanding Ofsted grading R A A A A A A
L&M SMSC SMSC Provision Revisit SMSC provision audit of Faculties Jul 15 TAR 12+ Hours N/A Analysis of audit - Action Plan to develop SMSC provision Gaps in provision identified and plans in place R A A A A A A
L&M SMSC Raise staff awareness about the dangers of potential radicalisation and extremism PREVENT training. Introduce protocols Oct 14 TAR/SLT All teaching + some support staff 1.5 hours Cost of Speaker Completion of training. Protocols introduced All teaching staff are trained in the PREVENT agenda Protocols being followed N/A G G        
L&M SMSC Ensure that the fundamental values of British society are promoted through the curriculum Monitoring through lesson observation and QA and shared with stakeholders Dec 14 MEL/TAR 2 hours N/A Monitoring of lesson observation forms Gradings against SMSC criteria are at least good in all lessons N/A A G        
L&M SMSC Continue to take every opportunity to expose our students to other cultures and views Through lesson observation and QA - Inviting visitors - enhancing areas of the curriculum Jul 15 TAR 5 hours N/A Lesson Obs / SOW / evidence in SMSC audit More links within the curriculum. (visits, vistors etc) N/A A G        
L&M SMSC Increasing learning opportunities from competition Embed a series of curricular/extra curricular competitions in the House System By May 2014 KEA House TLRs/Zone TLRs x 6 = 38.59 ph Dev fund: 600+ LM minutes/reports/QA schedule Increased participation in competitions, created by Zone TLRs A A G        
L&M EQ Equality Objective: Ensure all internal appointments include equality monitoring as part of the application process Question (to be asked as a final question) to be included in the interview/appointment process Jul 16 TAR 1 hour N/A Question added and inspection of the application process Equality information collated and reported as appropriate G G G        
L&M EQ Equality Objective: Include equality aspects in staff induction Equality to be included in the satff induction programme Jul 16 TAR/MEL Induction Time N/A Inspection of staff induction process Staff evaluations of induction A G G        
L&M EQ Equality Objective: Greater analysis around Bullying Raise awareness of racist and homophobic bullying Staff training HT4 01/07/2016 HIL/TAR 150/ 1 day cover/ 10 hours N/A Behaviour reports. Actions arising from bullying analysisBehaviour reports. Actions arising from bullying analysis Greater analysis of bullying incidents including the 8 protected characteristics A A G        
L&M EQ Equality Objective: Greater analysis around Bullying Equality Objective: Greater analysis around Bullying May 14 HIL 12 ours N/A BS/KS/SLT meetings BS/KS/SLT meetings G G G G G G G
L&M EQ Revisit and set new Equality Objectives Carry out an Equality and Diversity audit Jul 16 TAR 6+ Hours N/A SLT meeting agenda/minutes New Objectives created displayed on the school website N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
L&M EQ Produce a new Accessibility Plan for the new school Building assessment Jul 14 Tar/Bar 3+ Hours N/A Meeting with BAR Plan written and in place R G G        
Equality and Diversity   To ensure equality is effectively integrated into induction for staff Equality is a feature of staff induction; new staff are given information about college values which incorporates equality May 19 PAN/ PRE / KSL NSI =1 30 min session with PRE N/A Evaluation of NSI All new staff are confident about our equality values; students are successfully integrated A G G G      
Equality and Diversity   To provide opportunities for students to share their religion and culture Equality is a feature of staff induction; new staff are given information about college values which incorporates equality May 19 PAN 4 hours PAR / BUR for each video short - 2 in first year (Islam & Hinduism) N/A QA of assemblies completed WIG Achieved R A A A      
Equality and Diversity   To further develop strategies to promote effective student gender equality Continue working with diversity hub on promoting strong female students ambassadors, Celebrate International Womens day May 19 PAN 30 minute meeting each week PAN Badges for students ambassadors (30) Outcomes of training and meetings monitored Girls within the college feel more valued by boys - QA A R R R      

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