Crown Hills Community College – Aims & Values

Different cultures: same values

From aspiration to success





Our aims:

• To empower tomorrow’s global citizens with the courage and the skill to be innovative, independent and responsible, and the wisdom to be successful, healthy and happy.

• To foster good relations between all those connected with Crown Hills and to challenge racism and discrimination in any form.

• To ensure that equality permeates everything that we do.

We will do this by encouraging:

• Aspirations, ambition and achievement

• Care, collaboration, cooperation, commitment, confidence, constructive communication, celebration

• Determination

• Enthusiasm for learning

• Empathy

• Excellence

• Fairness and equality of opportunity

• Good manners

• Honesty and integrity

• Imagination and creativity

• Moral courage

• Nurture

• Open mindedness, mutual respect and trust

• Participation

• Reflection

• Self-discipline

• Success

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