School Closures

Crown Hills Community College is fully open


If the College has to close because of poor weather or other conditions the following action will be taken and the SLT will enact a telephone tree system. The onus will be on you being contacted, so please try to keep the lines free.


The Duty G4S Premises Officer will inform the Business Manager (who will contact the Principal). A joint decision will be made then. (Approx 6.30am).

The Principal will inform pupils, parents & other users via Radio Leicester. She will also inform the Senior Leadership Team: the Vice Principal, 6 Assistant Principals and Student Support Manager. (Approx 6.45am)

The Vice Principal and Assistant Principals will inform their Link Head of Faculties.

In addition:

FOS will inform the Exams Officer and the Key Stage Leaders,

MEL will inform the Graduate Trainees,

HIL will inform the Student Support Manager and the Lead Learning Mentor,

KEA will inform the Sports College Staff.

The Business Manager will inform the Office Staff, the Assessment Staff, Cover Manager, Library & Resources Staff, the Chief Cook, the Mid-day supervisors and the Head of Adult Learning.

The Heads of Faculty will inform their Teachers and Faculty Support Staff.

The Student Support Manager (SSM) will inform the Behaviour Support Workers (BSWs) and Student Welfare Officers.

The Lead Learning Mentor (LLM) will inform the Learning Mentors and linked Teaching Assistants.

The Cover Manager (CM) will inform the Cover Supervisors (CS) and Supply Staff.

The Chief Cook will inform the Kitchen Staff.

G4S will inform the cleaners.

Co-tutors will inform their Teaching Practice students

If the decision is made to close the school this will be communicated via our website, and through Schoolcomms texts to parents/carers and staff.

A member of staff will try to attend the college to turn away anyone who has not heard the message on Radio Leicester.

We will investigate an answer-phone for giving out messages to callers.

Information will be posted on the Leicester City Council Website which can be accessed by clicking here

For the latest travel and weather news, please visit the BBC Leicester Website by clicking Here

Or tune into BBC Radio Leicester on 104.9 FM and Digital Radio

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