At CROWN HILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE the governors and staff fully recognise the contribution the school makes to safeguarding children.

We recognise that the safety and protection of all students is of paramount importance and that all staff, including volunteers, have a full and active part to play in protecting students from harm.

We believe that the school should provide a caring, positive, safe and stimulating environment which promotes all students’ social, physical, emotional and moral development.

Ultimately, effective safeguarding of children can only be achieved by putting children at the centre of the system, and by every individual and agency playing their full part, working together to meet the needs of our most vulnerable children in line with: Working Together to Safeguard Children March 2015 and Keeping Children Safe in Education 2015.

• The Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy has been developed in accordance with the principles established by the Children Acts 1989 and 2004; the Education Act 2002, and in line with government publications: ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ 2015, Revised Safeguarding Statutory Guidance ‘Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families’ 2000, ‘What to do if You are Worried a Child is Being Abused’ 2015. The guidance in particular most recently reflects, ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ 2015.

• The Governing body takes seriously its responsibility under section 175 of the Education Act 2002 to safeguard and promote the welfare of children; and to work together with other agencies to ensure adequate arrangements within our school to identify, assess, and support those children who are suffering harm.

• We recognise that all adults, including temporary staff, volunteers and governors, have a full and active part to play in protecting our students from harm, and that the child’s welfare is our paramount concern.

• All staff believe that our school should provide a caring, positive safe and stimulating environment that promotes the social, physical and moral development of the individual child.

The policy reflects current legislation, accepted best practice and complies with government guidance. It should be read and complied with in conjunction with the following and other referenced documents (Available below) and the local Leicester Safeguarding Children Board procedures:

• Staff Code of Conduct 2017-2018

• Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2017-2018

• DfE Keeping Children Safe in Education, 2016

• Prevent Duty 2015

• Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015

• Teacher Standards 2012

• Other related school policies • Forthcoming statutory guidance and legislation

Governors’ Committee Responsible: Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare

Governor Lead: Mary Pantling: Safeguarding Governor.

Designated Safeguarding Leader: Ros Hill: Assistant Principal

Designated Safeguarding Officers: Mrs K Bishop (Welfare and Attendance Officer), Mr F Adam (Principal), Mrs R Hill (Assistant Principal)

Next Review Date (Safeguarding policies): April 2018

Interim Local Authority Designated Officer:

Jude Atkinson | 0116 4542440

Leicester Safeguarding Children Board procedures: Web Site

Children's Social Care Services DAS 24 hours:

Phone 0116 454 1004

E mail

The key duties that fall on schools are set out below:

Schools and Further Education (FE) institutions should give affect to their duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of their students under section 175/157 the Education Act 2002 and where appropriate under the Children Act 1989 and Children and Families Act 2014 by:

• 1. Creating and maintaining a safe learning environment for children and young people; and

• 2. Identifying where there are child welfare concerns and taking action to address them, in partnership with other organisations where appropriate.

In order to fulfil their duty under sections 157 and 175 of the Education Act 2002, all educational settings to whom the duty applies should have in place the arrangements as set out above. In addition schools should have regard to specific guidance given by the Secretary of State under sections 157 and 175 of the Education Act 2002 namely, Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education and Dealing with allegations of abuse against teachers.

Keeping Children Safe In Education

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‘Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016' is a revision of the previous statutory guidance from 2014 that all schools and colleges must have regard to.

The body of the document is largely unchanged, but there are new inclusions that draw in new guidance and legislation since the original was published, including duties under the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

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