Crown Hills Community College has a new house system.

There are 3 houses: Mandela, Malala, and MLK.

Each house is made up of vertical tutor groups incorporating students ranging from Years 7-11.

On entry into the college, each student is allocated a house and tutor group; the student remains with that tutor group and in that house for the duration of his or her time at the college.

When siblings join the college, they are placed within the same house and this underscores the family nature of the house system.

The structure within the house system creates a positive ethos in the college enabling new students to integrate well and also enables peer mentoring across the age ranges.

Each House elects a House Captain and a Vice Captain with additional House Prefects in each form, chosen by their peers, to support the work that is done in each house.

House Captains and prefects meet regularly with the House Leaders to help direct and enthuse students in producing work for competitions etc.

There is a rota of house assemblies to which visiting speakers and outside organisations are invited.

Some of these speakers are linked to the charities which are supported by individual houses.

The charity work that is carried out by the houses plays an integral part in fostering an understanding of the outside world and will allow the college to raise considerable funds in the coming years.

Throughout the year, there is a variety of inter-house competitions of a sporting and academic nature which create a positive competitive spirit amongst our students.

We want to encourage and reward any talent be it academic or otherwise.

This enables all students to be able to achieve and have personal accomplishments recognised.

The house system is led by the three Heads of Houses, providing support and direction for the well-being of our students and their achievement.

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