In Leicester City there are 288 children who have a hearing impairment.

Some hearing losses are greater than others; therefore individual students will require different levels of support.

The majority of students attend their local main stream schools and are support by a Peripatetic Teacher of the Deaf within that setting.

However, there are students who, for a variety of reasons, need more intensive support.

These students are placed here at Crown Hills Community College where there is a unit designed to support Deaf students both academically and socially.

Every day they have access to Teachers of the Deaf and support staff that are specifically trained to teach and support them.

The teacher of the Deaf deliver language based subjects in the unit.

These include English, Humanities and Life Skills.

The rest of the curriculum is delivered in the mainstream setting with support from the specialist staff.

Tutorials are also a big part of the unit support.

During these sessions the students are given time to consolidate subject specific language on a one to one basis.

The unit setting also allows the students to develop their language and communication skills, both of which will be significantly delayed.

Over the years, the number of students who have attended the unit has fluctuated between twelve and one.

At the present time we have four students in the unit: two year 11 and two year 9.

There are a further four students who are taught in the mainstream of the school with support from a Teacher of the Deaf (on a regular basis but not in the unit)

The new facilities in the unit are superb.

The sound proof rooms mean that the students are getting the best possible access to the curriculum.

Hearing tests and equipment checks can be carried out with confidence, knowing that the outcome will be accurate.

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