Whole School Gifted & Talented at KS3.

What does it mean and how can you help? A guide for parents.

Together with your support we aim to ensure that your child is challenged, motivated and engaged in their learning.

What does Crown Hills mean by Gifted and talented?

Your child has been identified as gifted and talented; this means they are one of the more able students in their year group at our school.

Your child will show a particular strength or skill in more than 1 curriculum area. They may have a specific gift in Maths, English, Languages or Science or show talents in PE, Music, Art or Design Technology.

In addition to specific subject areas we acknowledge other qualities such as leadership, literacy and communication skills.

It is important to remember that your child may not be above-average in all subject areas.

Identification - How do we identify our Whole School Gifted and Talented students?

Initially students are identified from their KS2 SAT’s results. This means students have achieved— Level 5 or above for English and Level 5 or above for Maths.

They will also have been given level 5 or above through teacher assessment in Science. Your child’s reading age score is also taken into account.

Once your child has been identified as gifted or talented they are added to the gifted and talented register.

This information is then shared with all your child’s teachers.

Since relative ability changes over time, learners should move on and o? the register as appropriate.

If your child is identified as having more specific gifts or talents you will receive additional information from that subject area about how you can help and support them.

How do we identify if your child has a specific Gift or Talent?

Teacher/Staff Nomination

Your child’s subject teacher will be looking for signs that a student has a specific gift or talent in their subject.

Testing and Assessment

Teachers will use data collected from regular progress reviews to identify whether students are performing better that their peers.

Also regular assessment and marking of work will identify high performance in relation to their peers.

Additional information

In some instances students may be identified through discussions with parents, their peers or the student themselves.

For example a child may show an amazing talent whilst playing for a local community team rather than in their PE lessons.

What to look out for.

• Demonstrates specific subject skills above that of their peers.

• Outstanding leadership and team member.

• Shows passion, enthusiasm, dedication and determination in a particular area of study.

• Independent – follows their own path and pushes boundaries.

• Applies new subject skills quickly.

• Processes information quickly and accurately.

• Particular physical dexterity or skill.

• Use of subject specific language and reasoning which demonstrates in depth knowledge and understanding.

How do we support Gifed and Talented Students?

At Crown Hills all students, including gifed and talented students, experience appropriate levels of challenge both within the classroom and through extra-curricular activities.

Teachers will use the following strategies.


• Planning a di?erentiated curriculum with a balance of whole class, group and individual teaching

• Adapting class organisation or pupil grouping

• Settng diferentiated homework and homework projects

• Diferentiation through pace, task, dialogue, support, outcome, resource, content and/or responsibility

• Planning a variety of bright spark, extension and enrichment activities


• Problem solving and investigation to develop reasoning and thinking skills

• Use and model open-ended questions and tasks

• Introduce elements of competition within and outside peer group

• Self, peer and teacher target setting

• Opportunities for creative and productive thinking

Extending and enriching the curriculum:

• Access to a range of materials and resources

• Increased technical and specialist language

• Use of subject specialists

• Use of additional support, TA’s, Technicians, students to extend children in a specific area (social or academic)

• Links with outside agencies (music tuition, sports coaches)

• Clubs at lunchtime or after school

What can you do to support your child?

It is proven that those children with the most positive approach to learning—and those who were most successful—were supported by parents who;

• Helped their children to organise their time and put an emphasis on self-discipline

• Showed sensitivity to their children’s interests and abilities without trying to mould them

• Helped children to discover what fun learning can be

• Demonstrated pride in achievement

As a school we suggest the following specific strategies as well;

• Watch educational and current affairs programmes such as the news, wildlife/nature programmes and documentaries.

• Read a quality national and local newspaper

• Discuss school work and homework and provide support, where appropriate

• Take on jobs around the home in order to develop a sense of responsibility and skills such as prioritising and time management

• Encourage students to exercise and exercise with them (walking,swimming, cycling)

Gifted and Talented students often expect perfection of themselves and therefore struggle to cope when they get something wrong or stick to what they know so that they don’t make the mistake in the first place.

Encourage your child to maintain a positive outlook when something goes wrong and try to learn from his/her mistakes.

If you have any further questions please contact the college.

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Where can you find out more? - The national website (contains a parents’ section). – The national association for able children – London’s G&T site. – Gifted charity good for advice and information – The high IQ society. – Magazine

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