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Crown Hills 2017 performance information

The way that schools’ performance measures are now judged is very different to the way in which they have been judged previously.

The key figure that schools report on immediately after exam results are available is the percentage of students who have achieved both English and maths GCSEs at a grade 5 or above, the ‘basics’ or ‘threshold’ measure. The best result for each student in either English language or English literature counts in this measure. There is no direct comparison between this figure and the results that we have previously published on our website.

For the year 11 cohort 2016 - 2017

• The Basics (threshold) figure was 32%.

• The EBacc is a measure that continues to be reported on. This year 8% of students gained the EBacc.

• The Attainment 8 or average grade was 41 points • Progress 8 validated figure is -0.01

A DfE video explaining how Progress 8 is calculated can be found here

This figure is a calculation based on the achievement across 8 subjects for each student based on whether they met, exceeded or were below expectations in each subject that they took. A figure is then calculated for the whole school. A figure which is below -0.5 is considered to be below the ‘floor standard’ in other words, below the minimum expected standards set by the government. This figure is dependent on how students across the country have performed. A score of 0 will be considered the National Average and 50% of schools will have a positive score and 50% a negative score. Our score although slightly negative is not considered to be significantly below the NA but is considered ‘average’ which means expected progress has been made. However, there is a ‘health warning’ with the data. Only students who have prior attainment data count in a school’s progress 8 figures.

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